Workers' Compensation

A workers' compensation report provides insight into past work injuries helping employers accommodate and manage work restrictions.

Employees risk injury at any job – tripping on an uneven floor, slipping in the parking lot – not just from physically demanding occupations. As a service often leveraged by construction, industrial and laborers, a workers' compensation report uncovers important information regarding past injuries... for any employer!

Key Takeaways:

  • Supplement employee work injury files
  • Gain knowledge of past injuries and work restrictions
  • Ensure proper accommodation of current work restrictions

Is that newly reported back injury new or the result of a claim filed with a previous employer? Learn how Work Comp History reports can help your Risk Management!

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Search the entire state to uncover actual details about previous work injuries.

In doing so, past work injuries are available to an employer and the Third Party Administrator (TPA) when filing new workers' compensation claims. 

This can help ensure adequate accommodation from previous injury, providing more complete knowledge when dealing with work injury records. Although this background check service cannot be used to make a hiring or employment decision, Risk Managers and many HR departments collect statewide Work Comp reports from past employers for inclusion in an employee’s file. Many employers already know the value of Workers' Compensation History... find out what you could be missing!

Please note: Workers' compensation history may only be conducted after an offer of employment has been made and accepted and can not be used to make an employment decision.

  • icon-Statewide-reportingStatewide reporting

  • icon-Results-often-in-24-hoursResults often in 24 hours

  • icon-Claim-details-as-reported-by-the-TPAClaim details as reported by the TPA

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