Truth In Advertising

One common fallacy about Background Checks is that all records can be found from a singular source.

Performing a comprehensive background check requires thousands of sources that contain millions of records.  Choice Screening offers diverse background screening solutions to a variety of industries utilizing our customized digital platform.

We have compiled a detailed list of our searches and their sources in order to keep you informed. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Our Background Checks are provided from mulitple sources
  • We customize products to a variety of industries
  • Contact us for with questions regarding source information

Criminal Record Searches  


The 7 Year Misdemeanor & Felony Search is a comprehensive and reliable approach to any criminal background and could be argued that it is the standard for background checks. Address History from a verified source such as the SSN Trace or Verification is used to determine which jurisdictions will be searched. County and/or state court records are directly accessed to find and verify criminal history, searching for misdemeanor and felony activity.

See below for more information on county and state searches.

The County Criminal Record Search provides misdemeanor and felony offenses, in over 3,100 counties across the US.   If a county does not provide records electronically, researchers access the records directly from the courthouse.  Which is why county searches are the most reliable and accurate criminal record search available.

Statewide Criminal Searches cast a broader net than simply the applicant's counties in which they reside. Records are accessed directly from each state's database.

Reporting practices vary by state and the court may or may not regulary report to the statewide database. For this reason, a Statewide Criminal Record Search complimented with a county criminal search will give you a more comprehensive criminal record.

The Verified National is a broad scope criminal record search which accesses over more than 525 million records and 1,000 sources including county courthouse and Department of Correction Records (DOC), Administrative Office of Courts (AOC), Sex Offender registry in all 50 states including Washington DC and Guam, and a variety of national and international security, sanction and fugitive lists. Records are verified directly at the source prior to reporting.
Using integrated SSN validation, this search produces an applicant’s address history in addition to accessing all the resources of the Verified National Criminal Record Search for the applicant’s primary name as well as alias names - by far our most powerful and broad-scoped search available.
The US Federal Criminal Record Search includes access to all 94 federal courts in the US to uncover violations of federal criminal law.  Not all are cases are heard, and therefore available, in the county courts.  Crimes that involve federal law, crimes that cross state lines and those committed on federal property are heard in federal court.
Criminal record research is not just restriced to the US and US Territories. The International Criminal Record Searches are similar to domestic county criminal searches. Our experienced researchers are trained on county requirements allowing them to access and verify criminal records for accurate results.
The National Wants and Warrants Record Search reveals active and open warrants accessed directly from both district and county courts.  Warrants are issued for individuals who have failed to appear in court, or those who are in violation of probation or parole.  The active warrant case may result from either convictions or criminal allegations.

The National Sex Offender Registry is completed by gaining access to all 50 states, Washington DC and Guam Sex Offender and Sexual Predator lists.  This search is most effective when paired to a county criminal search and is included in the Verified National Criminal and Verified Enhanced National Criminal.


Civil Record Searches 

The County Civil Search is accessed directly from county courts and provides information on non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against and individual. Please note that cases may be related to or filed in conjunction with criminal charges.
The US Federal Civil Search accesses all 94 federal courts to provide insight into federal civil disputes. When damages are of significant value, or individuals cross state lines and international borders, the case can only be found by performing this search.

Professional Verifications

Employment Verifications not only confirm what you know about your candidate, it also gives more insight into the technical aspects of their previous position as well as the opinion their employer has of the individual. Our researchers call former employer's directly and will report if available and compliant: dates of employment, salary, position, reason for leaving, rehire eligibility, as well as any additional information the former employer provides. Alternatively, researchers use The Work Number database to verify employment.
Education Verifications are conducted by our researchers who either call the institution directly or access a database such as: National Student Clearing House. Information provided includes confirmation of a degree or diploma, when, and under what discipline.  High School, G.E.D., undergrad, associate, graduate, and doctorate programs are all verifiable. 

Graduation of a program does not necessarily demote a licensed was obtained.  Annually verifying current employee's licenses will ensure their license is free of restriction.

By providing license or certificate information on your applicant we will verify license status, reported restrictions, issue date and expiration date.

A Professional or Personal Reference will allow you to gain more in depth perspective on each applicant.  Our experienced and expert researchers call each reference and ask open ended questions related to strengths and weaknesses as well as a customizable questionnaire.

Drug, Alcohol, and Medical Screening

We've teamed up with the three leading experts in specimen collection to ensure reliability.  LabCorp Solutions, Quest Diagnostics, and Alere eScreen have over 15,000 testing sites collectively. Online scheduling, MRO service, DOT compliant, and fast turnaround ensure compliant Substance and Alcohol Abuse Testing.  Company policies determine the need for a test, but some examples include: Pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, random retention testing, and annual retention testing.
Titers Blood tests for the presence of common antibodies.  This is a standard test in most medical institutions and some places of business and universities.  LabCorp Solutions and Quest Diagnostics have over 15,000 collections sites to choose from. Once collection has been completed, the report will be directly loaded into The Choice Screening Report.

Medical Sanctions & Registries

FACIS® Level 3 screening is used for all Medical Registry searches.  With over 2,500 primary sources and thousands of records added daily, this is truly the gold standard of verification, exclusion screening, and continual monitoring.
FACIS® Level 1 screening is used for all OIG searches. Not only is The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) accessed, but State Medicaid sanctions, 42 HEAT sources, 51 AG Notice and Release sources, as well as state level debarment sources.  FACIS® Level 1 is required for organizations receiving goverment funding.

Driving Records 

MVR searches are obtained directly from the DMV with instant reports available in certain states.  This ensures you wil receive the most up to date and complete driving record for your applicant.

Social Security Number 

The SSN Verification and Address History search verifies identity, alias names, date of birth, and addresses associated with a Social Security Number. Primary source and third party databases are accessed for this broad scoped search. 

Credit Reports

The key to all Credit Report Searches is compliance and caution should be exercised when using for employment purposes.  We are available to discuss permissible purposes and proper use.  Credit Report are obtained using primary sources. 

Tenant Searches

Our researchers will contact former property owners to verify information provided on a application.  A Rental History Record Search will provide information such as length at that address, leaase terms, and payment history.

Post Hire Services

Form I-9 Comply™ is our solution for verifying employment elgibility without the costly errors and omissions. It is completely integrated with E-Verify and meets all compliance standards.
Workers Compensation Searches cannot be sued to make a hiring or employment decision, but can be helpful to supplement an employee's work injury file or to ensure you are properly accomadating work restrictions.  This search will provide state wide records directly from the source.