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I-9 Advantage

Developed by immigration attorneys and guaranteed to virtually eliminate Form I-9 and E-Verify violations, I-9 Advantage offers Choice Screening’s clients access to one of the most powerful and reliable systems available for online Form I-9 management. As immigration enforcement and use of E-Verify expands, efficient management of these tools becomes a challenge for many employers. Through this partnership, Choice Screening can offer employers reliable, secure and advanced technology that is focused on compliance as well as ease of use. Employers will streamline Form I-9 and E-Verify processes, receive ongoing training and support, and rest assured they are prepared in case of an audit. View All Partnerships


With ICE audits on the rise, do you want to take a gamble or rely on one of the industry's best online Form I-9 management tool, supported by Choice Screening's team? Find out why that matters!

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