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Employee Background Check | Choice Screening


Looking for a cost-effective solution for pre-employment or residential screening? Choice Screening has the answer. Our user-friendly, secure system provides easy-to-read reports, accurate results and a quicker turnaround, all with our unparalleled level of customer service and satisfaction.

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Background Check Verification | Choice Screening


Screening tenants, or other individuals, can save you time and money in the long-run. Choice Screening provides cost-effective screening options for landlords and other individual needs.

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5 Ways to Better Background Screen Results
As an end user, you have a lot of impact when it comes to getting a background screen request off to a good start, trickling down to results, turnaround and ge...
Not a Matter of If but When You Should Screen Current Employees: NY lets 8% of Current Pre-K Employees Go Following Background Checks
Running a background screen on current employees is just as valuable as running them on new hires.  This important issue is brought to light when NY City lets g...

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