COVID-19 Antibodies Testing



COVID-19 Antibodies Testing

Choice Screening and LabCorp have teamed up to provide COVID1-9 Antibodies Testing. The SARS-CoV-2 Antibody IgG Assay Summary offered through LabCorp collection sites. The test detects the presence of IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. 

Please note, this test is intended for those on the front lines such as healthcare professionals and first responders.

If you suspect you may currently have COVID-19, please consult with your healthcare provider. This tests for the development of antibodies from previously contracting COVID-19. 


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Choice Screening is BSCC-Accredited

The Background Screenings Credentialing Council awarded accreditation to Choice Screening due to our high business and professional standards. Upon completion of a rigorous audit, it  confirmed Choice Screening is dedicated to exceptional technology and data security, a commitment of excellence, industry-leading background check products, FCRA compliance, and continued institutional improvement.  

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Our People make us exceptional.

Our Account Executives and Support Team are accountable and transparent to you. Here's a secret you won't hear from most other companies: this industry is far from perfect. Let us help you navigate these imperfections. It's important to know you can trust our dedicated staff has your best interests in mind. We are diligent in our follow through, whether it be interpreting a criminal charge or an in depth concern with compliance. Our researchers know what they’re doing and receive extensive and continuous training so they use the product properly and consistently.

Our Product helps make informed decisions possible.

We take the time to educate you on the right products to run and give you insight into the true landscape of this industry. We’re constantly evaluating our products to make sure we’re giving you the best available. We’re focused on compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and adhering to the highest standards for security and privacy.

 What Our Customers Are Saying

We’ve always been very happy with our relationship with Choice Screening. From the start of our partnership, we’ve received fabulous service from our Account Executive, Lauren!
Cindy J, VP, Staffing
Running background checks with Choice Screening is simple, quick and it’s so easy to use! We love it!
Jennifer G, Regional Manager, Staffing
I want to thank you for your excellent service. It seems you have taken a special interest in us over here! It is great having someone to take the time to ensure that our orders are completed quickly and accurately. So, from all of us here: Thank you!
Peter N, HR Assistant, Conn. Hospital


There's more about Choice Screening that makes us a great partner!

Our client relations team makes all the difference. We’re not just sending you a report and a good luck pat on the back! We’re here to answer all your questions... All of them!
We personally vet each and every one of our services to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality and accuracy. But, we’re never satisfied – we’re always looking for new opportunities to offer our clients the industry’s best.
OK, you have a client number. It’s only for accounting purposes! You’re not a number to us. Neither are your users. You get our direct line, not an 800#. Of course your needs are going to change over time! And we’re going to give you the services you need when they do!
This isn’t a robotic data entry thing; it’s a people thing. Without the right people working on your services, you can’t rely on the results. We’re perfectionists. We swim laps in details not drown in them. We know what we’re doing, why and what info it’s going to give you.
Maybe you noticed… Our core pillars are super important! They set us apart. Why? Because there’s only one courthouse in Geauga County, Ohio. And every background check researcher goes to the same one to pull the same records. But, not all researchers and reporting agencies care about what they report. That’s why we’re different.

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